Wild greens: common edible weeds and aromatic plants

The experience is being held during April and May, when nature is full of colors and smells and plants are fully grown, daily or weekly, depending on demand (minimum participation: 8 people).

Crete is known for its rich and significant flora. Many of the wild greens that we meet daily are being used in cooking and some of them are of significant value for the culinary of a place. We learn about the pharmaceutical properties of aromatic plants and their properties, at Apokoronas’ villages and the wider area of Sfakia province. We collect more than 15 different species, we learn about them and cook them in many different ways: boiled as a salad, other in an omelet, other as complement of “tsigariasto” (stewed lamb) and other as fillings in pies! We enjoy our food all together, at a large table, along with plenty of wine and music.

The weekly program combines the culinary usage of wild greens in different villages of Apokoronas with the history and culture of every area. Thus, we have the chance to visit different places, collect wild greens and herbs, cook them and taste local and traditional recipes!

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