Cooking Classes

The course is being held through spring and summer (March to September), once a week or on demand (minimum participation: 8 people). Every course lasts about 4 hours and will be held in Greek, English or Finish. (We pay particular attention to the special dietary needs of the participants with vegetarian, vegan, or antiallergenic menus.)

The classes are taking place either at the old olive press, next to “Fabrica Houses”, or at “Fabrica Farm”. With the help of local and experienced housewives and the participants, we prepare traditional recipes with fresh and local ingredients, such as: cuttlefish with fennel, escargots with crushed wheat, stuffed vegetables, dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves), kalitsounia (sweet cheese pies), tzatziki, braised rooster with spaghetti, lamb with stamnagathi (pine chicory), pies and many more! Explore the local tastes, discover the tips of the Cretan cuisine and live a tasteful culinary experience full of tradition!

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